About Us

Winslow Financial was founded in 2005 as a strictly fee-based, independent Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in assisting clients and their families thoughtfully plan and secure appropriate paths towards their goals. We excel at:

  • Listening to understand
  • Foreseeing, avoiding, and protecting clients from problems before they arise,
  • Allinging solid investments with client risk tolerance, and
  • Minimizing expenses.

Benefits to Your Business

We design customised, low cost, transparent 401(k) plans with better investment choices. We partner with trusted names in the financial services industry, including Fidelity and Principal. Independent and strictly fee-based translates into “your needs are our priority”. We engage your employees and encourage sound financial decisions so that they value their benefits.


We work with you to manage plan risk by structuring and maintaining sound fiduciary governance.

Plan Fiduciary

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Winslow Financial LLC is well suited to serve as one or your plan fiduciaries.

401(k) plan design

We have extensive experience working with business leaders and benefits experts in designing plans.

TPA vendor selection

We work for you to gather and compare quotes from leading 401(k) providers ensuring you receive the best value.


We have extensive knowledge of investment vehicles to help you choose high performing, low expense funds.

Employee Education

We work with you to educate your employees so that they understand and value their benefits.

Employee enrollments

We are available and encourage group or individual enrolments and can easily integrate into your annual enrolment process.

We bring unmatched expertise in 401(k) benefits planning.

As the quarterback of the process, we will direct and coordinate the various 401(k) elements to work together and achieve your goals. Our clear communication to your employees will increase their engagement because they understand and value their benefits. They will appreciate your efforts and commitment towards their personal retirement goals.